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Xuan-Trang Mai, PhD

Xuan-Trang Mai obtained his PhD in Informatics at Kyoto University. Before dedicating himself to research, he had many years of working as a software engineer. He is also the Co-Founder of DataSart Ltd. From 2012 to 2016, he joined Ishida and Matsubara Laboratory, Department of Social Informatic, Kyoto University and worked on various Language Grid and Open Language Grid projects. His research interests include Services Computing, Cloud Computing, Policy-Aware Service Composition, Data science and Machine Learning.


Manh-Hoang To, Data Management and Analytics | MCSE

Manh-Hoang To has years of experience in Database administration, Business Intelligence and Data analytics. He was in charge of designing and maintaining the database system of StoxPlus Corp- “The largest ever financial database for Vietnam ranging from stock market data, industry data, macro data, M&A and IPOs data”. He is passionate about implement business intelligence in enterprise. With a wealth of experience in Database Design, Data Preprocessing and Business Intelligence, he is now working as Head of Operational Data Management and Analytics Department (Ed Tech).

Lam-Tu Nguyen, MSc

Currently, Lam-Tu Nguyen is working as a Data Scientist specializing in online payments. Besides, he is working as a Machine Learning mentor in Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Course (Coursera). He received his Master of Science in Computer Science from Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology. With more than 10 years working as a Software engineer, Big Data and Machine learning engineer, he has an in-depth knowledge and invaluable experience in these fields, especially in developing AI assistants and recommendation systems. His research interests mainly focus on Natural Language Processing and the applications of Machine Learning algorithms in business and finance.


Ngoc-Khanh Trinh, Lead Data Scientist

Ngoc-Khanh Trinh completed his Master of Science at University of East Anglia (U.K), ranked 1st in the Master course (Top student). He was awarded “Student Prize for The best academic performance” by Head of Norwich Business School- University of East Anglia. He is currently working in Data Science, and his research interests are in the area of Applied Statistics, Quantitative Finance, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning applications.


Mai-Linh Bui, Data Analytics Specialist

With professional competence in Quantitative research methods, and master skills in SQL, Python, DAX, M-query language for data visualization and automating reports, Mai-Linh Bui now is a Data Analytics Specialist working for a large commercial bank in Vietnam, specialized in Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Warehouse Model. Her interested fields of study include Statistical learning, Modeling, Data visualizing and Decision-making Support System.

Photo - Le Hoang Giang

Hoang Giang Le, Data Analytics Specialist

Giang Hoang Le graduated from Utrecht University (74th world ranking). After years of working at many financial companies, Giang has gained extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Data Science. His research interest includes Modeling and Machine Learning application.